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Recent studies show OtoSim™ can improve diagnostic accuracy

A recent study shows that the use of the OtoSim™ otoscopy simulator can improve diagnostic accuracy of ear pathologies. The study was performed on undergraduate medical students and with multiple sessions with the OtoSim™, students developed and retained improved otoscopy clinical skills. Learn more:

Two other studies demonstrate that a single teaching session with the OtoSim™ ear training simulator can improve diagnostic accuracy and confidence in performing ear exams. The studies tested residents in primary care and otolaryngology, as well as undergraduate medical students. Learn more:

View our first clinical study, which shows OtoSim™ can increase diagnostic accuracy by 42%:

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OtoSim launches the Compassionate Lending Program in Rwanda

In the spring of 2015, OtoSim Inc. launched the Compassionate Lending Program to support healthcare trainers who want to improve otoscopy and ophthalmoscopy training in underserved communities.

Our first partnership was with Boston Children’s Hospital to support them on an upcoming outreach program trip to the University Central Hospital of Kigali (CHUK) in Rwanda.

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