Recent studies show that OtoSim ear examination simulator can improve diagnostic accuracy.

Recent studies show that OtoSim™ can improve diagnostic accuracy

Two studies were recently published in the Journal of Surgical Education and The Laryngoscope to show that a single teaching session with the OtoSim™ ear training simulator can improve diagnostic accuracy and confidence in performing ear exams. The studies tested residents in primary care and otolaryngology, and undergraduate medical students respectively. Learn more:

1. Journal of Surgical Education:  Objective Evaluation of Otoscopy Skills Among Family and Community Medicine, Paediatric, and Otolaryngology Residents

2. The Laryngoscope:  Evaluation of an otoscope simulator to teach otoscope and anatomy to first year medical students

View our first clinical study, which shows OtoSim™ can increase diagnostic accuracy by 42%:
Otoscopy Simulation: A New Paradigm in Undergraduate Medical Education

OtoSim launches OtoSim 2 for verifiable training and simulation

OtoSim launches OtoSim 2™ for verifiable training and simulation

MEdSim Magazine, by Lori Ponoroff

October 6, 2015 – OtoSim 2™, our newest otoscopy simulation and training system is featured in MEdSim Magazine. The enhanced ear simulator can be used for both teaching and testing with standardized patient programs and for the OSCEs.

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