OtoSim ear and eye simulators used in OSCE for medical students at University of Toronto

At the University of Toronto’s Medical School, at the end of their second year of a four-year training program, every medical student must pass an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) before proceeding to their clerkship year. That exam requires proof of competency in several clinical realms including the examination of the ear and eye.

In May 2013, Dr. David MC Wong, Course Director of ASCM2 (The Art and Science of Clinical Medicine Year 2) successfully introduced the OtoSim and OphthoSim simulators to the OSCE, replacing the need for using a standardized patient for these stations, as was the historical preference. This not only allowed for a consistent virtual simulation for the EYE and EAR stations but also provided an objective means of assessing each student without introducing examiner bias, or inflicting pain on the actors portraying the standardized patient. Other schools have since followed suit on the novel use of OtoSim’s technologies to enhance their training and examination programs.


The OphthoSim eye trainer is used in the OSCE at University of Toronto.

The OphthoSim eye trainer is used in the OSCE at University of Toronto.


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